As you already know our working with the companies to get the best and lowest rates on mailing . The is all possible because of our multiple mailing sources which allows us to chose the best rates for you . As customer satisfaction is our top priority ,we give you the lowest rates and manage all you documentation and work.
You Choose. Now, those commingling benefits are also available on standard mail rates. So whether your mail typically goes out first class or standard, we can pick it up from your facility, process it on site, and because we have an on-site USPS detached mail unit in our facility, we ensure the fastest delivery at the very lowest prices available. CMS also has the capability to skip a few upfront steps in the mail process when volume is high. Need more info? Like to get a quote? Give us a call at 718-439-1143 and let us discuss your needs with you.
Many of the benefits are also available on standard mail , so whether your mail is first class or standard our team will come and pick it up from your facility and do all the work for you . All the document management will be done by us on-site and due our on site detached mail unit we ensure the fastest and cost effective delivery .
For further information regarding our mailing services and customer privileges contact us at :
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